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Gregg Goodhart helps creatives, musicians, academics, and athletes overcome stage fright, embarrassment, and disappointment by using science-backed solutions so they can perform in the way they want, whenever they want and get results beyond their wildest expectations.

When you work directly with Gregg, you'll get:

  • How To Play Better With Less Effort & Practice

  • Learn his practical techniques have helped thousands of students and teachers achieve results they never imagined were possible

  • Stop feeling weighed down and gained more confidence in my ability to learn beyond the plateaus

  • Enjoying practice time and feel more control over the learning process and so you can the results you wants

  • Get coached on everything from habit development and optimal practice structure, to expectations and mindset which totally super-charges your achievements

  • Overcome stage fright once and for all!

Hi, I'm Gregg, your Learning Coach!

I'm on mission to set the record straight about why talent is overrated as it’s a huge misconception that holds back a lot of people from achieving their dreams.

I knew at a young age I wanted to be a musician and my standards were high. After years of playing an instrument and 'trying' to get really good, I never seemed to get there, but then I realized that most people have this problem.

After years of investigation and teaching countless music students how to improve their practice, I realized that it wasn’t about putting in hours and hours of practice in to master a craft.

Talent isn't a necessary component for achievement at any level BUT what is necessary is HOW we learn and I’d love to show you the simple and fun little ways to learn that produce significant results.

See what our clients say about working with us:

When I first met Gregg, I was impressed by the excellent relationship he has with his young students. This was a clear sign to me that Mr. Goodhart might be a great teacher as well. And he was indeed.

His students – whether playing solo, duo or part of a guitar ensemble – always showed me a high level of preparation, a deep involvement in music playing, and even passion. And I can say that every one of our meetings was a real pleasure for me.

In addition to this I have to mention that Mr. Goodhart has a very innovative approach in his teaching, by showing his students elements of neuroscience. His teaching obviously helped them in music learning, and will continue as the students further their music careers.

The many students and teachers he meets at this workshops are all very enthusiastic, agreeing on the fact his “philosophy” is absolutely the type of work necessary to attain high levels of performance.

For these reasons I do fully recommend Mr. Gregg Goodhart for any opportunity you may get for him either as a teacher, a lecturer, a tutor or a coach. His skills in music education are just obvious to me.”


Roland Dyens


Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris (France)


“Mr. Goodhart addressed our guitar masterclass at Azusa Pacific University with his presentation on how "talent is overrated" and it was a huge success. The students were genuinely fascinated by his presentation and were riveted to their seats.

What Mr. Goodhart presents does not just apply specifically to the guitar but to all of learning. He breaks down the elements of what occurs in the human mind when we learn and how to get into study habits that allow individuals to maintain a higher level of achievement in their respective areas. Mr. Goodhart explained to my students that excellence is achieved by a logical approach to study habits that become a progressive routine in their lives. Hours of training with a specific purpose produces specific results.

If a student is given the correct information and routinely applies this information to the problems they are trying to resolve, the student will see positive results. When students see themselves achieve, they gain confidence and the learning snowball just keeps on rolling. I have rarely seen an audience of music students so interested in how to learn. They didn't want to let him go, as they were compelled to learn more about this aspect of learning. Mr. Goodhart gives students a step by step approach to what it takes to achieve their goals in a realistic no nonsense approach that is both honest and refreshing in the world of education today.”

Michael Kozubek

B.M.,M.M. Director of Guitar Studies

Azusa Pacific University (California)


“Gregg Goodhart has given a lot of careful thought to teaching and learning as it relates to the guitar. His research on how the brain functions and how learning occurs is manna for those interested in these things. And by the way, those of us who teach others anything, SHOULD be interested in these things.

I have personally witnessed the results of Gregg's ensemble teaching at the pre-college level, and can attest to the high standards to which he holds the students. More importantly, he inspires the students to hold themselves to high standards! Applying what Gregg has learned from books such as "Talent is overrated" has driven him to make valuable connections in teaching and learning. He has been able to show that most students can break the cycle of inefficient use of time and frustration. These lessons apply to music but not surprisingly help students in every aspect of the learning process across all disciplines.

Gregg Goodhart has caught the enthusiasm bug for teaching and learning. Those around him can't help but catch it too.”

Jeff Cogan

Director of Guitar Studies and Music Technology Chapman University

Conservatory of Music (California)

“Gregg Goodhart’s remarkable presentation on Cognitive Neuroscience illuminates and reinforces our beliefs in the value of arts education for all learners. His enthusiasm for the topic bubbles up in each of us the reasons we love teaching. A stellar presentation!”

Jim Thomas


Visual and Performing Arts at Orange County Department of Education (California)


“Gregg Goodhart's energy and enthusiasm for how the brain learns music is inspiring beyond belief! I can't wait to use his ideas in my teacher training classes, and to improve my own practicing strategies.”

Joanne May

Assistant Professor of Music Education

Chair, String Department

Director of Philharmonic Orchestra

Elmhurst College (Illinios)


“As an educator and parent trainer, I found Gregg Goodheart's training to be dynamic, insightful and powerful. Passionate about cognitive neuroscience and child development, Goodheart took cutting-edge research and brought it vividly into everyday life. If every kid in our society had this information, "no child left behind" would be a reality.

I look forward to the day when every educator has this information and uses it to empower students to achieve their highest potential.”

Elise Winters-Huete

Author, Kaleidoscopes for Violin (Texas)

“Mr. Goodhart,

I attended your lecture during the ASTA convention and I must say it was

extremely capturing. I learned a great amount dealing with how the brain

functions, which is knowledge that should always be considered valuable.

The information and research given was brilliant, but what truly wrapped

your lecture nicely was your enthusiasm for the subject that really

immersed the audience.”

Victor Li

Music Education Student

Appalachian State University (North Carolina)


“Hi Gregg!

I thought your presentation was one of the best ones I have been to during my time at ASTA, and it has really put things into perspective since I am currently a Viola Performance major at Kennesaw State University. Everyday, I always wonder why I don't progress like I would like. You are right about slow, deliberate practice. It does make a difference, and it makes the practice worthwhile when we can achieve a goal. There are many people, including myself, that just become frustrated with their playing because we do not take the time to fix the problems. Just recently, I have thought about your lecture while I was practicing a passage I could not get, and it worked!! Because of this, I have become so motivated lately, and it has changed the way I viewed myself as a performer. All in all, I believe talent is acquired through encouragement and determination. If not, what sets all performers apart?

Thank you so much for opening up my mind to all this! I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope to keep in contact.

Best regards,

Samantha Tang

Viola Performance Major at Kennesaw State University (Georgia)


“A dynamic and engaging speaker, Gregg Goodhart draws his methods from just the right combination of published research and personal experience.”

Kerry Klein

Journalist and Violin Teacher (California)


“I just finished a wonderful summer conference with the Colorado American String Teachers

Association. One of the most impressive sessions was with Gregg Goodhart. Please

take a moment to read the link. The essence of quality practice and forward thinking is

in this article. This is life altering information!! Starting with, “Self Discipline."

“One of the most impressive sessions was with Gregg Goodhart. . .The essence of quality practice and forward-thinking is in this article. This is life-altering information!!”

Andrea L. Meyers

Colorado Music Educators Association, Membership Chair

Sol-Via Modern Arts Center, Project Coordinator

Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Board Member

Private Cello Studio

Denver Colorado

“Hi Gregg, I have told countless people about the things that

I learned -or heard with new ears - at your ASTA presentation in

Louisville last March. You were amazing! I couldn't agree with you

more! I would like to find the notes for My Dog Ate My Talent, because

I did not get the handout at the convention ( you were THAT popular).”

Mary Kay Robinson

Duke University

Adjunct Violin Teacher (North Carolina)

“I've attended both of your sessions and was totally captivated. I'm going right out and buy the

books you talked about and change the way I work with kids. Thanks!"

Laurie Thede

Orchestra, Mariachi, and AP Theory at Eaglecrest High School(retired). Denver, Colorado


“Mr. Goodhart came to the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and gave his presentation three times to over 600 music students. The interest level in neuroscience amongst our students was a surprise to all of us.

Mr. Goodhart related extremely well to our students. In preparation for his visit, he created a presentation that is relevant to high school students in his handout entitled, “The Art and Science of Learning and the Power of Music to Teach It.”

During his presentation, our students were absolutely quiet and focused. After each talk, we had long lines of students hoping to thank Mr. Goodhart and shake his hand. The interest level in neuroscience amongst our students was a surprise to all of us.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr.Goodhart’s presentations. Since his visit, I have had students stop me and tell me they have started using Mr. Goodhart’s recommended practice techniques and admit that they are working. Mr. Goodhart has planted an important seed amongst our music students. We are all grateful to have had this experience."

Bill Swick

Music Department Chair

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts


“I thought the session entitled "Mozart was Not Born a Genius, He Became One-- and You Can, Too!" was an eye-opening experience. Gregg Goodhart presented his research on music and the brain as something we all knew about as musicians but hadn't necessarily put into practice and definitely hadn't been teaching to our students. Focused practice is the idea and it's easier to implement than we think. However, getting better on your instrument is not easy; it's something we have to change in our quick-award-seeking society. Practicing harder AND smarter is worth it in the long run, and thanks to The Learning Coach, now we know how. I was really impressed that Gregg would be able to coach anyone, regardless of instrument. I was able to see it happen right after the session when he held a brief "practiclass" with a violinist. I am excited to apply these theories and practices--pun intended-- to my own practice as a cellist and to teach it to my future students."

Phoebe Clark

Music Education Student

University of Georgia


“It really works and I wish I knew this info 20 years ago.”

Russell Shedd

Teacher-VAPA-Music Department Chair

Scripps Ranch High School (San Diego, CA)


“Gregg is bridging the gap between the scientific world and the field of music education, applying scientific evidence to the process of learning. His enthusiasm and knowledge in this new field is inspirational. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future, and encourage all my students to do Skype lessons with him whenever possible."

Anne Marie Patterson

Elementary Strings Teacher, Charles County Schools

Music Director of Charles County Youth Orchestra and Encore Strings (Maryland)


“Gregg Goodhart offered invaluable advice on learning and practice techniques to our students through informative lectures and his uniquely insightful "practi-classes." Music students and teachers were introduced to useful new learning strategies with fresh perspectives on essential practice habits through evidence-based approaches. Mr. Goodhart brought effusive enthusiasm to his coaching and fostered powerful inspiration, which reverberates throughout the School of Music weeks after his visit.”

Dr. Stephen Mattingly

Assistant Professor of Guitar

Director, Community Music Program

University of Louisville, KY


"Thank you so much for your wonderful visit to IU. It has made a big impact on my students and teaching. All of them walked away with new ideas and motivation to work hard, which is invaluable. Many of the college students who attended on Friday have remarked to me about how much they enjoyed the presentation and how much they learned. The people I admire most at IU. . .have each mentioned to me that they loved your talk and are using your ideas. You are a dynamic conduit between research and practice, and that is a vital link. I appreciate you taking three days to be here!

“Brilliant! . .You are a dynamic conduit between research and practice, and that is a vital link.”

Dr. Brenda Brenner

Chair, Music Education

Co-Director, IU String Academy

Indiana University at Bloomington


"Gregg Goodhart's sessions for the Jacobs School of Music String Academy were extremely insightful and inspiring for myself and the students. His specific practice techniques coupled with his positive and genuine enthusiasm resulted in immediate progress with continuing development raising the performance bar since his Bloomington visit. "

Mimi Zweig, Professor or Music (Violin, Viola),

Director Pre-College Strings

Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University (Indiana)


"I really enjoyed your class, and I (and my students) continue to get lots out of the experience. So much great information!"

Kevin Miescke,

Doctoral Student and Instructor of Horn,

Eastern Illinois University

"The most valuable thing I learned from the class was desirable

difficulty. By focusing on learning-- really learning -- I now know

how to use my practice time in a meaningful way. Instead of just

working on a passage until I get it right, I practice every

permutation of that passage until I can't get it wrong!

The practiclass not only helped me but it will help my elementary and

middle school students too. They felt the "blearn" when we repeated

music over and over again -- but in the week since we've started using

your method, I've never seen them play better.

Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge of music, the brain, and

of course, how to practice --come back to visit us when you can!"

Ava Bradley

Music Education and Spanish Major

University of Louisville, KY


"I am profoundly appreciative of what my students gained from listening to you tonight. For me, it was a great "booster shot!" Thanks for your important (deliberate) work and thanks for your time and energy!"

Keith Robinson

Texas Lutheran University (Seguin, TX)


"Mr. Goodhart’s presentation was very well-received by our music education students at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati! He is a very motivational speaker and he covered a great deal of material in a short amount of time.

It was so good to have you on campus, Gregg! The students were buzzing about you on Thursday and Friday. Betty Anne is also very excited to have you back in the future."

Amy Beegle, PhD

Associate Professor of Music Education

College-Conservatory of Music

University of Cincinnati


"With Gregg's guidance Phillip started enjoying his practice time and feeling more control over his learning process and the results he wants. It happened at the perfect time when he is becoming more independent (he is 13). The 8 weeks of personal Practice Coaching were a wonderful part of his preparation for his first competition (he won!). He called it his "winning strategy."

Marina Hammond

Mother and Piano Teacher, Bloomington, In


"Over the summer of 2015 I spent 9 weeks working over skype with Mr. Goodhart on learning how to improve my practice habits and strategies. Before working with Mr. Goodhart I felt that I was efficient and effective in my practice as I had been able to get into the prestigious Jacob’s School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington. However, even though I was effective in my practice sessions I did not know how much time I could save and how much more efficient I could be while practicing. Over those 9 weeks I was able to make an amazing amount of progress. I learned the entirety of the presto 3rd movement of the Barber Violin concerto at full tempo. This was something that would have taken me at least another 3 weeks to do before working with him.

Not only was I able to learn it quickly but I also learned from him how I could schedule my practice sessions so that I could effectively and healthily practice 4 or more hours a day without becoming completely exhausted. I think the skype lessons that I took with Mr. Goodhart were some of the most valuable that I have had in my college career matching even my Violin lessons which form the core of my degree. I think that if anyone has the opportunity to work with or hear Mr. Goodhart speak should definitely take advantage no matter what level of student or professional they are."

Andrew Nowicki

Senior – Music Education (violin)

Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University


"1) I have to tell you, you fixed (my student) Domingo. I came back after vacation and he had completely changed his practicing, searched your website, downloaded all your practice tips and showed me some amazing results.

2) I have heard Gregg Goodhart's presentations on brain research and how that research helps musicians practice more effectively. Since Gregg is a musician, his presentations are relevant and applicable for teachers to use immediately in their

music classrooms. Each time I heard the various presentations, I learned more about how the brain works and came away with very useful tips on how to practice effectively. The triangle of plan, do, reflect is so important for effective and efficient practice!

One of my students participated in Gregg's Practiclass. This student believed performance tempo was the only way to practice and despite my assurances that brains preferred accuracy over speed, I wasn't getting through. Domingo spent 30 minutes with Gregg - who gently and persistently had him practice several spots in a concerto using the techniques Gregg has gleaned from the brain research. Daniel heard 'Feel the blearn!' several times and since he was in a masterclass, he followed Gregg's instructions. He soon realized the passages were becoming more accurate and comfortable so he went home, read through Gregg's website, downloaded his practice tips, and came to his next lesson where he demonstrated how he had practiced by feeling the blearn. My jaw hit the floor - it was a transformation!

BTW, Domingo went from last chair first violins in one orchestra to 4th chair 1st violins in the next level orchestra - made some kids mad because he skipped over them - that's how much he has improved!"

Lyda Osinga

Prelude and Central Conductor for the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestras

High School Orchestra Director, and

National Board Certified Teacher. (Wisconsin)

“Thank you for taking us back to the most basic, timeless principles of learning! Knowing how to learn and understanding process is a skill needed in every walk of life. We, as teachers and students, can get distracted with so many techniques and ideas (which are great!), but we have to apply them through the careful planning and step by step mastery you demonstrated through your time here.

The teaching was powerful because you applied in your lectures and principles into practical lesson situations. Teachers and students alike were significantly helped as they let process transform every part of their teaching and learning.

We owe it to our students' entire development to train them step by step and teach them how to learn, how to drill down to the root problem, and how to think for themselves in the practice room.”

“Thank you for the example of patience in working with students--not giving up until the root problem is discovered and a practical solution is in place. Ultimately, it is a sure way and a shortcut too!”

Elizabeth Zempel

Falls Baptist College

Director, Music School, Menominee Falls, WI

"You have provided one of the most beneficial presentations to my teachers I think they have attended since I began working with the school. It's not often when you meet someone who understands and works to apply time maximization and utilization properly to achieve positive results. "

Principal Christian Ahanger

Academy of Excellence South Campus, Milwaukee, WI

“Just had the most incredible lesson with a young pre-college student that I have ever had!! I worked on problem solving with Stephen, and had him tell me what he wanted to improve. I was able to guide him to pick practice steps to help himself and then improve with every rep. It was incredible! Now I know what you mean when you say that if you are determined enough, you will figure out whatever will work for someone else- you'll know how to teach :) We spent until close to 2:00 together.

Thank you for bringing Mr. Goodhart here. . .our music school is changing!"

Sarah Emran

Falls Baptist College

Menominee Falls, WI


"Truly phenomenal! My acting training took a quantum leap when I started working with Gregg Goodhart. (That’s right… I worked with Gregg for acting, not music.) Goodhart coached me on everything from habit development and optimal practice structure, to expectations and mindset. What I learned from him ‘stacked’ perfectly on top of my regular acting coach and it totally super-charged my training.

I think you’ve got something revolutionary here."

Evan Szu


PhD of Science Education from Stanford

"I had 5 music teachers, I was subscribed to two music teaching platforms online(one of which ironically recommended me to Gregg, and I say Ironically because I canceled my membership with the website and continued with Gregg even though they claim to teach various musical skills) and I still could not find how can I perfect my practice, how can I at least feel better about the skills I am learning.

Gregg Goodhart has found the ultimate glitch in our human nature that keeps us from getting better, the invisible tumor that everybody ignores, the tumor that gives us the impression we are improving when in fact we spend years and years doing the wrong things which lead us to misery and surrender. This is going to sound like an ad but it is really not, Gregg gave me 4 weeks of packed practice knowledge which until this day really changed my life. It really did gave me a frame from which I can see what skill I am actually practicing and what am I really learning or IF I am really learning. If you really are struggling to build a good practice habit(with no bullshit spending hours at your instrument doing nothing)a habit that pushes you to focus for 30 mins BUT ACTUALLY focus and improve in those 30 mins then Gregg is your guy. I really am grateful to you Gregg, thank you"

Tony Hajj

Grenoble, France

"We have noticed a marked difference in the way Landon approaches his homework as well as approaching his teachers for clarity when he may be confused about assignments. He actually told us over Spring Break and Summer Break that he was looking forward to getting back into the routine again. Gregg was also great in communicating with us, as parents, answering any questions we may have had when we felt we were beating our heads against the wall where motivating and praising Landon was concerned. Landon's motivation was never a problem with his music classes, however, Gregg did help streamline his practice time and Landon was able to see a difference in performance. So grateful for Gregg and his work!"

Kelly Vandergriff

Landon Vandergriff, a Student at Youth Performing Arts School

Louisville, KY

“This works! And I no longer have any fear about this second year of Greek I will be starting soon. I’m excited to apply all these principles to every other subject, and especially to my junior piano recital prep. “

“Thankfully, my personal view of my own mistakes and failures is beginning to change, and so I am able to begin passing that on to my students and peers. It makes all the difference in the world!”

Katie Bass

Milwaukee, WI


"Gregg Goodhart's visit to Nettleton STEAM was informative and enlightening. The Learning Coach’s enthusiastic demeanor is contagious. His knowledge of how the brain learns and works is vast. It is evident that his years of research and experience have given him a platform on which to share with the educational community. Nettleton STEAM faculty and staff appreciate him sharing him time and wisdom. "

Cathelene Gray, Nettleton STEAM Principal

Kelli Cochran, Nettleton STEAM Facilitator


“. . .a fantastic resource. . . Whilst there is plenty of information out there on the concepts and techniques that are needed for students to improve, it has been a huge benefit for me to see HOW you apply these in your teaching to get great results. I feel I've become a better teacher because of your example, so I really appreciate the work that you're doing, thank you! :)”

“I love how generous and genuine you are with your teaching, and you clearly want to spread the latest research to as many other teachers as possible. I can see this in all of your content, so using your example as a template for my teaching has been enormously helpful and inspiring.”

“Finding a suitable way to apply the information effectively is definitely an art form, and that is why I’ve found your approach so useful.”

“I’ve found plenty of pedagogical methods and theories that seem great in theory, but no so great in practice! I think your work provides the missing link between research and applied teaching,”

“I think there are a LOT of instrumental music teachers out there that struggle to apply all of these concepts in a clear, simple, easy-to-understand way (even though they are complex), so your explanations are brilliant in my opinion.”

“I’m a full-time performer with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, as well as a teacher, so I not only use your work in my teaching/coaching but also for myself in practice and performing as well.”

Mark Bain

Teacher and Full-time Performer with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Australia


”Greg’s astounding expertise is matched only by his passion – both of which are truly signs of an excellent teacher. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity for learning, not only music, but reinforcing attributes which compliment embracing life itself, on a number of levels.”

Bev Zizzy

Singer / Songwriter / Educator

B.A.,B.Ed., M.Ed.

“You show us how to practice. What a gift you have given us. Knowing how to do something makes it fun. Whoever thought folks would say “practicing is fun”?”

She added two months later. . .

“Pretty much every time I practice, I think about your course. Something will be not quite right and I’ll say “SLOW DOWN”. I always thought I had been good about slowing down, but since your class it’s at a different level. Your instructions are spot on - play as slowly as you need to play it without a mistake. That gives you time to think about what your fingers are doing. It’s may be for 1 bar or 4 bars, but play slowly the right way and repeat until it sinks in. Gradually you can bring it up to speed, and you end up playing more and more of the piece correctly. I know you’ve heard this all before, but to me it’s still magical.”

Mef Fen

Adult Piano Student


"Learning and how we learn is something that has fascinated me since I first read, “The Inner Game of Tennis” when I was 16. Just recently, I had the good fortune to have had a coaching session with Gregg Goodhart. Even though I had been reading up on various learning techniques such as “interleaving,” “desirable difficulties” and “deliberate practice,” I had never heard of anyone who was applying them to teaching music in a systematic way.

My first exposure to Gregg was through the podcast, Musicality Now and after listening, I wanted to learn more so I took him up on his offer for a free first coaching session. Mr. Goodhart is the first person I’ve met who can bridge the gap between researchers and teachers to show us how we can apply what has been learned from the studies to actual teaching. Gregg is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and his website and videos are a good resource for learning about how to teach more effectively. "

John Tarr

Brass teacher, Växjö Kulturskolan, Värnamo Kulturskolan, Sweden

Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Your information is pure gold. I've practiced my guitar with your method for several days, and I am already nailing songs I'd been working on for months. I am so grateful to you, you have no idea.”

“Thank you! Your course has made music so much more fun. I’m picking out and learning songs I never would have even tried before.”

“Thank you so much for the session! After we had finished, I played the piece again and then kept upping the speed. My goal had been to get to 100 bpm; I was now able to do it at 150. Talk about mind-blowing! This has made me very excited about practicing now, knowing I can get real results every time out.”

I just read "Practical Ways to Play Better Now!" and watched your

video of working with the violinist. Your information is pure gold.

I've practiced my guitar with your method for several days, and I am

already nailing songs I'd been working on for months. I am so grateful

to you, you have no idea.

I think it will take years off my learning time"

Lynn Goodman

Guitar Student


"I think the students who attended REALLY benefitted. I know I did, too! I can't thank you enough for coming.

I wrote "Feel the Blearn" and "Desirable Difficulty" on the board. Was there a catchy phrase for cognitive dissonance or something like that?

The students have Monday off, so I'll encourage them all to go on your Facebook page and/or web site to write positive comments. There were definitely some "Wow" comments after the workshop."

Laura Reed

Director of Orchestras

Gilbert High School

“I've been finding practicing easier this week - that is to say, it's gone up from about 20 mins per day to at least 30 mins, and I've been enjoying playing a bit faster - it's exactly as you said, still some memory lag, but so enjoyable to be able to play without having to think about the notes! I'm actually looking forward to gradually spending more time practicing - in the past it's always been a teacher, telling me 'you realise you'll need to do at least an hour a day!' which sounds very hard when you don't know what you're doing and you'll 'get the blame' when you get to the lesson and can't produce what they wanted!! It's a recipe for failing from the start! But now I feel like I'm in charge, and I know a bit more what I'm doing!”

Many thanks,

Kate Ward

Piano Student, UK


“I cannot tell you what it feels, like to get to the end of a practice session and actually know that you have achieved something and that when you start again tomorrow, you can build on that.

Practise stops being a war and actually a pleasurable activity which allows discovery and reflection even from the pieces from the old Russian masters.”

“Really looking forward to learning much more about the practise of practise and what Gregg Goodhart is doing. It works so well it is almost like Voodoo.”

"Going through practice is the thing, made me realise that everything and I mean everything I had learnt about learning and practice was wrong. No one I had been failing to make progress for the last 20 years on my instrument. I made more progress in 4 weeks than in 4 years using the techniques, Gregg taught me. Realise you too can be a special one, and join the league of top performers if you only do what Gregg teaches. You don't think, you actually do and feel the changes. It was a powerful, life-changing experience for me.

Thulane Akinjide-Obonyo

Saxophone Coach and Performer


"The best thing I can teach my students right now is how to practice effectively so that their playing matches their intention. Using ideas I learned each week from Gregg Goodhart’s online course, I gave all of my students access to that “aha!” lightbulb-moment that we all strive for as teachers. I can’t wait to build on all of those ideas with my students (and myself), and delve more into the science of how the brain works!"

Renata Bratt, Ph.D

Cello teacher in Santa Cruz, California


"I am so grateful for the 'new lease on practicing'. I've learned that the reason I was petrified of performing was my lack of preparation. And now, I believe I may actually enjoy performing which is coming as a bit of a shock to me. When I first began this journey to achieve my ARCT level examination in piano performance, it was as a goal to become a better teacher and composer. But this whole program and the growth I've experienced has given me a desire to continue with learning and performing high level classical music. But regardless of the exact direction I go from here, I am so grateful for our sessions and the incalculable benefit I've just begun to understand. You truly have been an inspiration and an encouragement! And I wish you every success in your own recordings and musical projects! If you post them, I would love to hear your work!"

Andrea Neustaeter

Piano teacher and Student, Canada


“I’ve been applying several of the things I’ve learned to my boy’s baseball practice this season. My oldest has improved from a (literally) .000 batting average his first season to ~ .250 this season. And he’s enjoying it more too! My youngest had his breakthrough game just this week, going 2-3 from the plate. Look forward to seeing what we can do in academics as the school year gets started.”

“We’ve been applying a lot of interleaving and retrieval practice into the kids homework time and can see that it’s made a tremendous difference. The kids are remembering things better and enjoying their study time more too. It makes such a huge difference to not fight over homework time (from both sides!). No if I can only get their teachers to listen… “

Adam Liette


“. . .As a psychologist, I can say he is certainly on the money when it comes to incorporating the latest neuropsychological research findings into his work.”

Gary Radler

Clinical psychologist in Private Practice

Victoria, Australia

Hi Gregg,

Last night when chatting with a neighbor, he asked for advice about music. He’s just started trying for the second or third time to learn how to play the guitar. I raved to him about your classes, and particularly about Plan-Do-Reflect and slowing way down to play correctly. This has been working really well for me. I’ve made slow but solid practice on a piece I love. It’s a hard arrangement that in the past I would have given it up as hopeless. It will still take a long while to master, but with your approach eventually I will play it.

Any way my neighbor and I only chatted for 15 minutes or so, but this morning I received this email labeled: Plan-Do-Reflect

So last night, when I practiced, I set up an app on my ipad to record. After doing one of the two minute drills I played it back and I could hear multiple issues: not matching the tempo – e.g., preceding the beat, say, 10+% of the time, non uniform strength hitting the strings (I was doing the C Major Scale) across strings 5-2 (A-B), and non uniform duration in allowing a note to ring out [within the tempo]. So that was fantastic to be able to see all those errors and give me somethings to work on. I also had reduced the beat to 40 Hz. Thanks for the pointers!

As I told my neighbor there are lots of teachers and books telling us how to play. You show us how to practice. What a gift you have given us. Knowing how to do something makes it fun. Whoever thought folks would say “practicing is fun”?

Mef Fenn


“. . .I’m sure that you have heard the phrase: ‘I wish I would have had this XX years agomany times, and it is true for me also. I am always trying to improve my guitar skills and now, at 70, I am trying to learn how to play piano from video courses and, at halfway through the Superlearning course, this is already making a difference in both pursuits. . .Thanks for the generous work you have done in developing this course."

”Yesterday, my safe speed was 75. Today I got up to 115 and could play it error free 3 times in a row before I started screwing up. It felt very good and I was more relaxed playing this part at 115. . .I honestly don’t care if it is Contextual Interference or voodoo, this is the first time I’ve been able to play that lick error free at that speed and I learned it over 50 years ago and gave up on it because “I guess I’m just not fast enough.” I think my ultimate target is at about 150.”

Patrick Bonier

Studio Producer, Engineer, and Musician.


"When I developed a new passion for playing guitar and singing I was surprised to find that applying the things that had worked for me in business – focus, having a plan and determination – did not get me the results I desired. No matter how much I practiced I was unable to perform smoothly and with confidence. I was not used to this!

When I was introduced to Gregg the floodgates opened. In the first session I was able to improve and perform at a level that had been out of my reach for months previously. I found the way I had been practicing, which is the way most teachers teach and the way most students practice, did not engage my brain in the way that would help me excel.

The concepts Gregg taught seemed unconventional but worked extremely well. Gregg has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the research in learning and a way of explaining, coaching, refining and applying what is needed for any situation. As he says, “There is always a solution.” I became a relaxed and skilled performer, and the nerves and anxiety disappeared. When everything works, confidence is assured!

Gregg’s coaching is amazing. I am so grateful to be able to improve my skills in a way that gives me the greatest return for the time spent. In 8 sessions I found I can learn whatever I want. It is not an exaggeration to say it is life-changing."

Sue Schildt


"I learned more about how I learn in this ten weeks than I have learned in any other single experience or from any other single teacher in my life.”

Revised with her permission:

"I learned more about how I learn from Gregg than I have learned in any other single experience or from any other single teacher in my life.”

Jean Koh Peters

Sol Goldman Clinical Professor Emeritus of Law

Yale Law School


“WOW! Huge improvements.”

Gerry F.


“I love learning about how the mind works. And the enthusiasm of both Christopher and Gregg is contagious and inspiring.”

“I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to learn. Gained hope, if you will, beyond the plateaus. I don’t anymore feel weighed down by the thought that some things will take ages to get through because the process is engaging and even fun — happy mistakes and all.”

Zane H.

“I felt uncomfortable when doing these exercises. However, I am seeing the reward when I go back and play the original piece with the metronome. My speed is picking up some, but more importantly, I am making fewer mistakes.”

“I made improvements on most of my working pieces and am feeling encouraged using the new learning structure from Superlearning!”

“With the information shared from Gregg, and the wisdom expressed from the many experienced musicians on this posting, I have to say that I am feeling very excited and believe that I do have the ability to grow my musical abilities!"

Steve L.


“I’m applying this model to my jazz standards. After applying one of the techniques, it helped - I played it several times much better and at a much faster tempo. I was really pleased and that gave me confidence in moving forward.”

Sue T.


“Success: i had an instrumental to perform at Church yesterday. Usually I am worried and reviewing it in my head up until I play it. I had done spacing and retrieval so I kept repeating to myself that I had done the work so ‘trust the process’. What happened? I played the instrumental with no issues!”

“Hmmm… this is working. Bring on the Desirable Difficulty!”

Shirley S.


“I found the course clear and now understand how we can improve the efficiency of learning through repetition by making it harder.”

“Well that was pretty successful. Now I’ve been through the entire thing and ready the high level process I’m happy I can better select segments and work on them. As others have indicated I expect that the more I do it the better i will get at the process itself. but IT WORKS! I’m happy my playing has improved more than if I had just done the same number of reps in my old way. My speeds increased significantly on a couple of sections.”

Stan A.


“Taking it as slow as possible to learn a tune has always been a good technique. This is the first time for shifting the context by changing rhythm. Fun!”

“This course is making me realize how much more focus I should put on the task itself as well as choosing the task to tackle. Wow!”

Chris M.


“So far I have just used your examples but might try exerts from simple piano pieces I already know soon.(I’m just a beginner on piano) It’s still difficult but I can tap the beat with my left hand and rythmn with right hand together , singing slowly , then even notes and the long short pattern. Then upping the tempo. I’m also singing in solfa because it seems more natural. thank you MU for all the solfa training I’ve learnt. I can hear the improvement. “

Robert D.


"When will you open this course up again? I can think of many people i’d love to share this with!"

Iddo O.


“What I truly love, love, love about this process is that I’m making such phenomenal progress without investing huge amounts of time – so awesome!!"”

“Even though the going is a bit rough, I’ve noticed numerous improvements in my playing that have been so sweet and satisfying and golden! “

“Gregg Thank you so much – gotta give you and Musical U credit for some of that seriously increased skill – y’all are fantastic!!”

“Wow – I cannot believe the difference between recordings!! BIG improvement – so little effort!”

Tina R.


“Really enjoying the course. Thanks for putting it together.”

“This has been a fantastic course with wide-ranging applications. I’m looking forward to working on it with my children. This will further deepen my understanding. Thanks to @team and @ggoodhart for an excellent and enjoyable course.”

“Having completed the last two weeks I felt a huge improvement in my pieces. When I played them for my teacher he was massively impressed with my progress. It’s fantastic when others are able to hear the progress we think we’ve made. Moving through new material in class more quickly makes this course a money saver no brainer. & that’s in addition to our better musical competence and confidence. Score!”

Glenn U.


“I think this approach is great, and it makes sense. During the call yesterday Gregg gave some useful insight into how to use this with improvisation. So I will give that a go. It basically came down to finding a kind of defined structure to play around within, with a defined goal. So for example, only play two notes and play around with them in different rhythms, or only play within a particular key etc.”

Hugh M.


“I have seen a difference in all areas of my playing since starting this course which is great – sometimes I get ‘ooh, did I really just play those bars, at that speed?’ kind of a feeling, and not just on sections I’ve been working on here.”

Diane M.


“At the end of this lesson I had improved. The changes were smoother and rather weirdly I felt as if the left and right hands were more coordinated.”

Elizabeth M.


“I have been admonished to ‘focus’ and ‘pay attention’ by music instructors – with little to no guidance. These exercises are pointing the way to how I can actually do that!”

Chris W.


“The biggest change in my practice this week has been my mindset. It no longer makes me feel grumpy and frustrated because I now know it works. I now feel enthusiastic about starting my practice routine”

Charlotte W.


“I find the mindset shift of desirable difficulty and intellectual weightlifting really interesting! I’m sure that will help with lots of other areas too as well as music :)"

Charlie A.


“I got a lot out of the course. I thought the creation of the flowchart was a really valuable experience too. It forced me to summarize my practical application of what I have learned more thoroughly. After viewing some other flowcharts, I can improve mine by adding the theoretical elements. I think my application will evolve, but that is what I have for now.”

Carol S.


“I really enjoyed this module because I know I now have a Process to “Plan, Do and Reflect“ in order to improve whatever I decide to work on. It is a short process, is efficient and it works. Thanks!”

Ashley M.


“I am so grateful to this class. With regular review of the steps I’ll be able to improve my practice at home.”

“Musical Superlearning reminds us to focus on the music and not ourselves. I was always preoccupied with measuring myself by my performance to really listen to and feel how the music was going.”

Dave W.

“It’s been turning my practice upside down. I’m constantly hearing little things that I realize I can do better. And that gives me so many tasks.”

“ My most recent concert was a personal best and thoroughly fun success, thanks to my music coach Gregg Goodhart. He has taught me techniques to use in practice and performance that delivered the results I have been striving to obtain over the years. I realized we all have the ability to achieve greatness, do not even second guess yourself. It is not us, but our strategies that fail us. Gregg is a great coach to show you the way to your musical desires. "

Bob Gunter


“What I noticed was that when I got really specific in what I noticed and wrote down when I played it subsequent times I was more focused on exactly what needed to change and it improved already because of that.”

Andrea N.


"It's truly amazing how many times you can hear the right things but still doubt how right they are. Your presentation was a very convincing juxtaposition of problem and solution, and that combination of the psychology, the method, and then the process made me a believer in about half an hour. I've been blearning as much as my brain can handle since that day and I have to admit the progress has been very encouraging. A summer in Aspen didn't fix some of the problems I've begun to truly remedy in just a week "feeling the blearn.”

Edward Charity

Violin Performance Major

Florida State University


"As far as comments about the Practiclass that you could possibly use for your website, I have a few. One thing that resonated deeply with me is when you said, "Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong." That is going to stick with me forever and it is the reason the "difficult" passages are no longer stressful (once practiced the right way). The 45 minutes of intense concentration and 15 minutes off has served me greatly. If there's anything I'd add to your marvelous presentation (and maybe you said it and I forgot) is patience. Working slowly but perfectly focused and critical is THE fastest way I've learned. Having the patience to know I'm not going to learn a whole piece in a day or week has made me focus my attention better and fix many little problems that always creep up.

"That is going to stick with me forever and, it is the reason the "difficult" passages are no longer stressful (once practiced the right way)”

Joe Kovac III

Cello Performance Major

Florida State University


"I suggest you check out his research, especially if you're struggling with certain tricky passages! He has all of the answers.”

Dr. Katrin Meidell

Ball State University, Indiana


"I sat in on a lecture for Gregg Goodhart last spring at TLU. I walked in not knowing exactly what I was getting into. I walked out inspired and ready to try some of his tools for teaching. His approach is different than any I have ever heard and made perfect sense. He used music students to teach his systematic approach and I witnessed immediate results. Using this approach with athletics could be the means of giving your teams a competitive edge. I highly recommend finding the time to hear him speak and learn from Gregg.”

Wade Wilson

Head Softball Coach

Texas Lutheran University


“A true force of nature to watch, Gregg is a tireless source of energy and wisdom. I was so inspired to watch him work with my guitar program for a weeklong residency, he intuits what each individual needs to unlock their best performance. Whether it’s mindset, practice strategies, attention, intention, Gregg masterfully relates to the student and gives them the gift of process.”

“. . .he intuits what each individual needs to unlock their best performance. . .Gregg masterfully relates to the student and gives them the gift of process.”

Michael Kagan

Director of Guitar Studies

Youth Performing Arts School, Louisville, KY


“(Gregg) will likely change how your students think about learning."

Dr. Tim Crist

Arkansas State University

"Gregg brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the discussion of learning, accurately conveying the close connections among mindset, willpower, habit formation, and, of course, deliberate practice. "

Kevin Poston

St. John's Lutheran School

Lannon, Wisconsin


“For four days I watched him work with elementary through graduate students, and each session was just a series of "Aha!" moments and breakthroughs for the students. It never got old."

Dr. Kasia Bugaj

Florida State University

"Thank you SO much for all your time, and precious help! . .Wow, hard to tell in words what you shared with us this week. Thank you for your generosity and passion about learning how to learn!"

Marie Cloutier

Parent, Bloomington, IN


“What a fantastic lecture at IU! There's so much cheap inspiration out there - this was the real kind! Seeing such a clear and detailed road map of how to effectively coach our brains gave me and will give my students such a feeling of being enabled.”

Ian Snyder

Private Violin Instructor and chamber Music Lecturer

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


"It has been really empowering because now when I go into the practice room it feels like a lesson with myself instead of the play and pray method I used to use."

"I’ve never been able to express myself when I get up on the stage. Now I’m not nervous. . ."

Mikela Rayburn

Violin Student

Pacific University - Oregon


“Now that we’ve had him more than once we call what happens after he leaves, “The Gregg Effect,”. . .Highly recommended!”

Dr. Eliza Jeffords

Director of Strings

Texas Lutheran University


“I tried that Goodhart stuff on my solo, and I’m a believer.”

Student of Ed Prassee

Leon High School, Tallahassee, FL

"The session was amazing. I saw how good your masterclasses were, with far more accomplished musicians than myself, and the results were outstanding for them, but the fact you did exactly the same for me has kinda left me speechless.”


“The difference that 1 hour made to me, was outstanding so 4-8 weeks...that would be crazy!”

Jonathan Stewart

London, England

Students of Michael Klein, Green Valley High School, Las Vegas, NV




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